Classic palace in Dammam

Location : Dammam
SCALE: 1600 m2


This palace in Dammam is a unique experience in our designs, designed by architect Ramy Helmy to show the luxury of all who see it.

This palace is designed on an area of 2800 square meters, 4 lots , every lot 700 square meters and the building area is 1600 square meters.


This palace consists of 3 floors and contains a men's council, dining room, women's council, 6 bedrooms, a gym and a cinema hall. The palace also contains a service building consisting of 3 rooms, maids, kitchens and stores.


We are distinguished using new and unique decorative materials and are fully proportional to the estimated price of the customer.

We also care about the precise details of the shop drawings of the design and do it with a professional way to achieve the design on the ground.

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