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Ramy Helmy Contracting Outside Bahrain is a company specialized in the implementation of architectural finishes and the implementation of interior decoration with high efficiency for all types of buildings and interior spaces.

And specialized in decorative details, which depend on the implementation of the proficiency of installation methods and new finishing materials.

Ramy Helmy Contractors is characterized by the implementation of all designs designed by Ramy Helmy Design in a manner that is in full conformity with the proposed design and with great skill.


 Shop Drawing Department

One of the most important sections of the company on which the project relies is to rely mainly on producing the designs in a realistic and accurate way to implement the site.

This department is interested in studying the materials used in the implementation and calculating the quantities accurately, and is interested in drawing accurate details for each stage of the work to help in the implementation of all stages with complete accuracy and full compatibility of designs.

Project Studies Department

The project studies department is charged with studying the price of the project and studying each item separately. It also cares about making recommendations to customers to reduce the cost of implementation without any changes in design.

The project studies department is also interested in reviewing the designs or their executive drawings to correct any error. It is also interested in studying the materials used in the design to verify their availability in the markets with an alternative work that has been verified to be available in the local markets.

After reviewing the project owner, the project studies department is entrusted with providing the materials used in the finishes which are not available in the local markets by bringing them from international markets and providing their presence.

Project Management Department

The Project Management Department is the department responsible for following up the project and its stages.

It is also interested in the necessary communication between all elements of the project supervisors and implementers and management of procurement as well as the work of a time schedule for the project and follow-up on the site.

Purchase Management

The Procurement Management Department is responsible for providing all required materials in the project in a timely manner according to the schedule with the supply of the site.

A section of this section is concerned with the storage and preservation of these materials so as not to be damaged and also conform to the quality standard required in the project and to obtain the approval of the owner of the project for these materials.

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